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VERify your reservation

  • Once you have been contacted us and we have discussed which mice you will be getting, we will inform you to go to step 2. Please make sure you verify your reservation of mice before you go on to the next step, as we cannot guarantee any spots on our list at the last minute.  We do generally have a wait list, so please do this step as soon as possible to be able to get on the nest transport.

  • ***Due to current Covid-19 Stay At Home orders we are NOT meeting buyers personally for exchanging mice. 



Krista Reed Transport

  • The first step to transport is to join the Facebook group for Krista Reed Transport. It is a service we have used in the past and she is a person we trust to keep our animals safe. If there are other transport services you know and trust, we will consider it on a case by case basis. You will need a transport container for the transport of your mice. You may contact us for where and what type/size you need to purchase, or you may purchase one from us.


important links & Info

  • Krista Reed Transport Request Form: Here

  • Our Fee Sheet: Here

  • Amazon Transport Carriers: | Medium | Large |

  • PetCo Transport Carriers: | Medium | Large

  • PetSmart Transport Carriers: | Medium | Large |


Transport fees &

The Wait

  • Once you have filled out your form for transport, Krista will contact you for location for pickup and for fees. Transport fees are paid DIRECTLY TO KRISTA. The only payment we accept is for the mice and, if your are getting a carrier through us, for the carrier. If you have questions about this process, there will be a group on Facebook that both you and I are added to around a week before the transport begins. Please be patient. Krista works with dozens of people per trip, so she does things very methodically and professionally. Sometimes, responses are not immediate - and that is okay. 

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