Transport FAQ

Purchasing for Transport

General FAQ relating to transport.

  • What container(s) do I need? 

    • This is dependent on the number of mice you are purchasing. Typically, a large sized (approx 14" x 8"​) container holds 4-6 does or 1 buck, while a medium (approx 12" x 8") can hold 2-4 does or 1 buck.

  • How many containers do I need?

    • This is also dependent on the number of mice you are purchasing and whether they will be moved locally (within 30 miles) or further. We can tell you ​more precisely what you need at the time of purchase.

  • How much do shipping/transport containers cost? 

    • Mediums range from $4 to $11 and Large from $12 to $18 depending on where you can find them. We typically purchase through Amazon and PetCo, since their prices run lower.

  • How does this work? 

    • It's easy, really. ​

      • Step 1: Fill out the Purchase Application. Once we contact you and everything is verified...​

      • Step 2: Purchase the carrier and have it sent to the address we will provide, or we can accept payment for one (brand new, of course) at the time you purchase the mice.

      • Step 3: Your mice travel in the carrier you provided, and you keep the carrier for the future. They work well for temporary housing during cage cleaning and vet trips.

Transport: Local

The local delivery of mice depends entirely on location and, currently, the rules regarding Covid-19 and Stay At Home orders.

  • Where will we, Pacific Breeze Mousery, meet you, the new mouse-parent?

    • We will meet at a public location within a 30 mile radios of:​

      • PetSmart, 185 Curtner Ave, San Jose, CA 95125​

  • What are the acceptable public locations?

    • A pet store, grocery store, or ​otherwise staffed and well-lit place of public business. We recommend a pet store, simply because if you've forgotten anything you need, you're right there to make the purchase.

  • Will you bring the mice to our home?

    • No, we do not do home deliveries. If you are differently abled and cannot drive or find a person to bring you to a pickup location, please contact us anyway. We will work together to figure out a solution.

Transport: Non-Local

Non-Local transport is anything outside of the 30 mile radius AND within the transport radius of a reputable transport service.

  • How does this work?

    • Step 1: Apply for purchase. 

    • Step 2: Apply for transport.

    • Step 3: Receive your mice.

  • Who transports the mice?

    • We use and recommend Krista Reed Transport. We like her both as a person and as a professional and trust her service to take care of the animals we've entrusted to her. ​

  • Can we use another transport service?

    • Certainly! If you are more familiar with someone else and they can meet us within our travel radius, we're open to other services. Please know that we have only vetted Krista Reed's service, however, so please do so at your own discretion.​