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Does must be housed with other does. We do not sell our does singly. They go to new homes with at least one companion. This means you must purchase a pair. The 2nd is at a discount. * Breeders are exempt from this.


Male mice should be housed alone. In my experience, they require more enrichment because of this. Males housed together WILL do physical damage to one another - this includes death. House them singly.


We guarantee our mice healthy at the time they leave our mousery. Please quarantine away from your other rodents for a minimum of two weeks - preferably one month. This is to ensure continued colony health.


Our mice are healthy when they leave our home. We cannot guarantee their health once they leave - mice are small, fragile creatures very susceptible to outside influence. Follow our guidelines, please, to help ensure their safety.

Fill out the application for purchase. Keep in mind the rules listed above. Does go in pairs or more, bucks are housed alone.


Be prepared to answer further questions. These mice are living, breathing creatures and I care deeply about them.


One of the requirements is to provide information or a picture of the housing. Acknowledgement of standard housing requirements is a MUST.


Feel free to ask me any questions you have. Please let me know if you intend to breed mice. This WILL NOT disqualify you from purchasing.


We recommend you join some mouse groups on Facebook and/or Discord. These groups are supportive and (generally!) full of friendly people.


If we don't have what you want or need, we may be able to put you in contact with someone who does. Feel free to ask!


HAVE FUN and enjoy your new family member. We're here from day 1 until the end of your mouse's life. Come to us for help if you need it. Or just to chat!



To Purchase:

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