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Ongoing Plans


​We are currently working on figuring out what dilutes each line carries and will be bringing in more mice who have the genes we're interested in working with. 


​About Us


I am Ree and along with my husband, Josh, we run Pacific Breeze Mousery. He's the official baby cuddler and assistant bin cleaner, while I do all the plotting and planning. His support is amazing and he is the reason I'm able to do what I love, so thank you, sugardumplingsnugglewhompus! ;)

We are a small mousery located in San Jose, CA and are registered members of the NorthWest Fancy Mouse Association and the American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association.

Our standards for care are high and we hope that our fellow breeders and future pet purchasers will hold us to those standards. Healthy, friendly mice are our top priority. All else follows that.


  • PBM Paris - Lilac Tan Doe

  • PBM Beirut - Lilac Tan Doe

  • BEAR Sita - Seal Point Siamese Doe, PET ONLY

  • BEAR Katniss - Blue Self, PET ONLY

  • Black Self Show Line Bucks

  • Chocolate Self Show Line Bucks

* Bucks make GREAT pets if you only want to deal with one mouse. They must be housed alone, so they tend to enjoy interacting with their human family quite a lot. 

$20/$40 Show Lines
$20 per mouse or $40 for a trio.
Valid 2020
$10/$20 Pet Lines
$10 per mouse or $20 for a trio.
Mousery News


Lots of Littles

There's so many litters happening right now that I can hardly keep up with updating the page. As weanlings become ready, I'll be posting them on the available mice pages.


Incoming Lines

Over the next several months, we're going to be adding pure English lines in different varieties. The goal is to help continue the PEW line here on the west coast, as well as get better type and size on our current lines by outcrossing.

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